Kaminski: China und die Gelbe Gefahr

Kaminski: China und die Gelbe Gefahr

The Honorary President of our Institute, Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerd Kaminski, who unfortunately passed away much too early, dealt with “Chinaphobia in recent German-language literature” and in the media in his last academic work “China und die Gelbe Gefahr” (China and the Yellow Peril), published in 2022 by Bacopa-Verlag in Upper Austria. In doing so, he examines the states of Germany and Austria and comes to very interesting conclusions.

With the kind permission of the publisher, we publish his research results here, in German:

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Kaminski: China and the Yellow Peril

Hardcover edition | 544 pages | 74 illustrations

Bacopa Publishing House 2022

ISBN: 9783991140283

Price: € 39,80