The International Media Institute cooperates with the following partners:

International – The Magazine for International Politics

The foreign policy magazine International – Die Zeitschrift für Internationale Politik appears six times a year and is published by the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internationale Publizistik”, based in the Austrian capital. Its editor-in-chief for many years is the journalist Fritz Edlinger.

quintessenz – Association for the Restoration of Civil Rights in the Information Age

quintessenz is an association of people from the fields of technology, science, journalism and art. In the summer of 1994, it launched the first regularly published eZine in the German-speaking world in order to report on and educate about the effects and backgrounds of IT penetration of all areas of life and global networking.

Safeguarding privacy in the age of worldwide networking and global communication is an essential challenge for a democratic society. The effects of electronics are far more serious than the social upheavals caused by the industrial revolution. Post-industrial society has mutated into an information society without warning or preparation. The educated middle classes were still of the opinion that their own knowledge, namely education, was the key to power and prosperity.